Our features


  • We offer end to end services and time bound guaranteed Door to Door delivery for your cargo. The cargo can be transported via Air, Sea or Road.
  • We are committed to be at your service from 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Saturday. We are available over our emails and phones throughout. In case of urgent shipments, we organize and execute shipments under MOT on all holidays.
  • Guidance on government regulations and requirements on Export and Import
  • Preparation of Export and Import documentation and the associated paperwork inclusive of required certificates and endorsements.
  • Guidance and Execution if required, in case of any special Handling, creation of Packing containers and site supervision. This is inclusive of stuffing and de-stuffing at our or customers warehouse, at ports and at dry ports (ICD)
  • Providing the ideal carrier, based on the requirements to ensure the cargo reaches destination on time at the best possible price. Our rates can match the best in the industry.
  • Adequate storage space in form of Insured warehouses having modern amenities to facilitate measurements, packing and repacking and security to the valuable merchandise. Transportation arrangement for pickup and delivery round the clock.
  • Professionals handle the clearance of your documents and goods through the port authority (air/sea), custom and finally hand over to the carrier in case of export and get released in case of Imports.
  • Well documented procedures for operations which is automated to the extent possible.
  • Tracking the cargo from origin to the destination or vice-versa till it reaches its final destination and updating all concerned with the current status.
  • Delivery of post shipment documents to the vendors along with our debit note for the service rendered.
  • Well managed services at delivery with a choice of Broker and De-consolidating agent who ensures the last point delivery.
  • We are in the process of creating a temperature controlled facility with an area of approximately 1000 Sq Ft to cater to pharmaceuticals and other temperature controlled products (by end of Dec 2015).

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